Miscellaneous Forms & Documents

CEPSSC Board Meeting Schedule 2020-2021

The Official CEPSSC Constitution – Updated January 2020

Event Summary Form

CEPSSC Meetings Guide

CEPSSC Policy (SOP) for Accredited Student Organization (AS0) Form

Petitions, Delegations, and Representations (PDR)

Groups interested in requesting a PDR from CEPSSC can find the formS below. This form must be emailed to cepssc@uoguelph.ca along with the specific date your group would like to present the PDR. Meetings are held weekly (holidays excluded) at 7:00 pm in boardroom SSC 1506. To be included in the next possible meeting’s agenda, please send emails no later than noon of the Saturday before.

Petitions, Delegations, and Representations (PDR) Form- Internal PDRs

Petitions, Delegations, and Representations (PDR) Form- External PDRs

PDR Budget Form- (Ex/Internal)

Events and Reimbursement Form- (Ex/Internal)

Student Risk Management

Bus Monitor Contract

Event Venue Monitor Contract

SRM Handbook

Line Monitor Contract

One-Way Bus Trip Waiver

Primary Organiser Contract

Event Planning Form

SRM Guide

Incident Report Form

On-Site Food Preparation Form

Physical Activity or Overnight Waiver

Risky Event Waivers