Forms & Documents

Executive Application Forms 2020

CEPSSC Executive Nomination Form 2020

Executive position descriptions

Year Representative and Chair Person application forms 2019

CEPSSC Year Representative Application form 2019

CEPSSC Chairperson Application form 2019

CEPSSC 2019 Position summary’s

Miscellaneous forms  

The Official CEPSSC Constitution – Updated January 2020

Event Summary Form

CEPSSC Meetings Guide

CEPSSC Policy (SOP) for Accredited Student Organization (AS0) Form

Petitions, Delegations, and Representations (PDR)

Groups interested in requesting a PDR from CEPSSC can find the formS below. This form must be emailed to along with the specific date your group would like to present the PDR. Meetings are held weekly (holidays excluded) at 7:00 pm in boardroom SSC 1506. To be included in the next possible meeting’s agenda, please send emails no later than noon of the Saturday before.

Petitions, Delegations, and Representations (PDR) Form- Internal PDRs

Petitions, Delegations, and Representations (PDR) Form- External PDRs

PDR Budget Form- (Ex/Internal)

Events and Reimbursement Form- (Ex/Internal)

Student Risk Management

Bus Monitor Contract

Event Venue Monitor Contract

SRM Handbook

Line Monitor Contract

One-Way Bus Trip Waiver

Primary Organiser Contract

Event Planning Form

SRM Guide

Incident Report Form

On-Site Food Preparation Form

Physical Activity or Overnight Waiver

Risky Event Waivers